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Memories are made every day…organically…but sometimes we want to memorialize a memory…and so we take a picture. And then we either store it on our phone, put it on a wall or shelf or desk or put it in a box.  And then 10 years later, you pull that memory out of that box, or walk past it like you have so many times and it still invokes in you those same feelings it did when you took it.  Time goes so fast and yet one look at a picture can take us back like very few things can…its really quite magical.

I have always been the collector of such memories in my family.  I create annual photo calendars to share those memories and it is one my favorite things to do. When I was a young girl, my Godfather asked me what he could buy me for Christmas. I said a camera and being who he was…he bought me one. That was the beginning for me.  Having a camera in my home was always a must…you have a tv, a couch, a bed and a camera…

And still one of my favorite things to do is capture what I know will bring people back to a moment…a moment in a time they want to remember over and over again. I have been a wife and raised my children and held a great day job…but on my own time, I take pictures, I create memories.

I would love to help you with your memories…newborn, engagement, family, maternity, professional portraits. I am available in most of NJ and parts of NY and PA.  Contact me for pricing and details.

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